App Development


One of the product development processes is the APP DEVELOPMENT that is the main key for the future of any product. At Behind Pixel, we work on a very smart approach for the success of products, by combining the content, structure and user experience, leading your business to achieve all desired goals.


After our team of developers, designers and product managers get done with the thorough user research and throughout the later stages of the product development process, the User Interface (UI) design process takes action.


UI/UX wireframe is a unicolor drawing created in the design phase of Design Thinking Process. It provides layout, a blueprint of the page structure, additionally to information and functions. Wireframe clarifies to the stakeholders the visual representation and operation of application.


Prototyping is an experience design process of creating interactive simulations or sketches that work or look like the final product, and getting these validated with broader teams of users, including end-users, stakeholders, developers, and designers.

User Research

Generally, user research approaches are conducted concurrently with stakeholder interviews. User research shows the users’ expectations from the product while stakeholder interviews provide insights into the business objective of a product.

UI Design

User Interface (UI) Design brings together concepts from visual design, information architecture and interaction design.

 It is the process of creating look the look of User Interface in the aspects of how each component of the product looks, in other words, any visual interface elements that users interact with such as buttons


Testing implicates benchmarking and evaluating the usage of a final product with real users, however, in some cases it may include different types of testing approaches such as usability testing, A/B testing and site analytics.

A/B testing is another technique to test two variations of a web page by finding the version that delivered better results.