About Us


About Us


Getting started

Behind Pixel is a partnership among four different professionals in four different backgrounds who identified a gap in the startup ecosystem whereby young entrepreneurs have excellent ideas but have neither the strategic directions nor the capital to turn their idea into a viable idea and develop it into a market fit startup. We at Behind Pixel have the know-how, the capabilities and the ability to attract the right talent and resources that allows those entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into feasible and investable project at an efficiently studied cost structure.

While most people are concerned about being stuck in their daily job routines, Behind Pixels sells the dream of building your business by enabling entrepreneurs to create their own jobs rather than being stuck in other people’s job. 

Our Vision

Materialize entrepreneur’s dreams in a Venture Mall

Our Mission

Pioneering young entrepreneurs with a solid business structure for building a market-fit venture in a optimal time frame and empowering them to obtain with utmost business results

Our Objectives

Target the people who have ideas that they cannot turn into a market fit venture and provide them capital and support.
Searching for competent talented people to become business owners’ and leaders in their domain of expertise.
Own diversified portfolio of businesses and ventures not only to grow Behind Pixel but also to have closed circle business model among those diversified venture leads.

Business Model

Enrolment Criteria’s

Gain enduring clients and drive targeted traffic to your site with our offered services:

Recruiting Champion Criteria

Selecting entrepreneur champion is based on very intensive and structured process of recruitment include but not limited to the followings:

Emotional Intelligence and Networking, Skills, Behavioral, Educational, and depth of knowhow and knowledge.


Behind Pixel will have at least 10% of shares of every idea / venture knowing that the percentage of shares increases in accordance on the idea complexity of the startup.


Behind Pixel will exert the utmost effort to match the entrepreneur with the right fund’s / investors for the purpose of having the right resource allocations and meeting KPI’s.